This is a two-player game that is played on an invisible 4x4 grid that you will establish before the game begins.

To start the game, one player will choose a coaster for the other player to lay down on the grid. After playing their coaster, that player will choose one of the remaining coasters for the other player to lay down on the grid.

The game continues like this until one player completes a line of four coasters that all share at least one trait. The line can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

Once a piece is played on the grid, it fair game for either player. The win will go to the player who places the fourth coaster, completing the line.

Keep in mind that no two coasters are the same. Each f the sixteen coasters contains a different combination of four traits.

Winning Combinations:

Four Circles, Four Squares, Four Single Lines, Four Double Lines, Four Solid Lines, Four Dotted Lines, Four With Bike, Four Without Bike

Advanced Rules:

Level 1: Getting a common trait in each of the four corners is also a win.

Level 2: Getting a common trait in any 2x2 quadrant within the 4x4 grid is also a win. 

 Coaster-O! Game Pieces On Bar Top


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