Live Cultures

Live Cultures: a food and beverage travel series diving into the diverse and evolving cultures of the world through the lens of fermentation

by Colton Proveau, Asa Proveau, and Braden Korkorian

After dedicating their late teens and 20s to opening the brewery of their dreams, twin brothers Asa and Colton Proveau leave their business in trusted hands and embark on a global quest to discover the magical and diverse world of fermented beverages. Accompanied by their adventure loving friend, ex-employee, and camera-man Braden Korkorian, they immerse themselves in local cultures to discover and understand the role that fermentation has had in shaping the peoples of the world. Investigating how the beverages they discover have been shaped and altered by cultural changes throughout history. The team utilizes local guides, brewing industry connections, friends of friends, cold calls, impromptu drop-ins, unsolicited DMs, and directionless wandering to gain access and insight into these beverages and practices. Visiting commercial operations, tribal and ritual brewing sites, countryside stands, and family kitchens, the team dive deep into the history and context of each living culture. Taking inspiration, knowledge, and occasional live cultures from their travels, the team return to brew up exciting concoctions back at Brothers Brewing Company.

Follow the team on Instagram for behind the scenes footage and live content from episodes currently in production.


Episode One -  Discovering Pulque: Exploring Mexico's Traditional Fermented Beverage

 In our first episode, join Asa, Colton and Braden as they venture to Mexico City to uncover the secrets of Pulque, a traditional Mexican fermented drink. From the maguey fields of Tlaxcala to the bustling Pulquerias of Mexico City, immerse yourself in the rich cultural history and unique flavors of this fascinating beverage. Watch as the team tries Pulque straight from the vats, explores its variations, and contemplates its cultural relevance. Get ready for an exciting adventure and stay tuned for more episodes where we explore the world through the lens of fermentation!


Episode Two -  Drunk Two Times on Vino de Coyol in Costa Rica - IN PRODUCTION

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