The Brothers Story


Brothers Brewing Company is an art and experience focused beer brand founded by twin brothers Colton and Asa Proveau. The purpose, to use the medium of beer and the social experience of beer consumption to create and inspire.

The two devised the plan for Brothers at the age of 18 while working together on a high school business class project on corporate social responsibility. The dream, to create a company that would allow them to express their own creativity, foster community among like-minded creatives, open doors for unique and meaningful experiences, and ultimately provide an alternative to getting a “real job”.

Upon completion of high school, the two diversified their education paths with one completing a business degree and the other a degree in brewery management. Next, the two worked at a handful of notable Ontario breweries before launching Brothers Brewing Company in April 2014. Having little (more accurately, zero) money, the company was started as a contract brewery; allowing the pair to rent space from existing breweries to create and distribute one-off products to craft beer bars across Ontario. In 2015, they launched the first bricks and mortar location for Brothers Brewing Company in Downtown Guelph.

Designed to facilitate genuine social experiences, Brothers Guelph strives to offer unique beer as well as unique activities and entertainment. Brothers is a brewery, a bar, a bottle shop, and a community hub. With 12 taps of house-brewed craft beer, weekly community workshops, food pop-ups, local bands, board games, sketchbooks, a someone bought you a pint wall, and a coaster sketching Hall of Fame, staying for a pint or two is bound to get your creative juices flowing.

Where is Brothers headed? Up and up and up. Ever-expanding upon our mission of creating and inspiring others through the lens of beer and the social practices around beer. Watch out world, Brothers is coming for you.


The Brothers And Michael 2015

The brothers behind the bar in December 2020

 Brothers Brewing Downtown Guelph



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