Elderberry Berliner Weisse 473 ML Can

Elderberry Berliner Weisse Can on Bar top
Sour Wheat Beer ABV 4.5%Low in alcohol, refreshingly tart, and blended with various fruit purees,...
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Sour Wheat Beer

ABV 4.5%

Low in alcohol, refreshingly tart, and blended with various fruit purees, our series of Berliner Weisse brews present a harmony between pillowy fresh baked bread and a crisp backyard lemonade. These beers are very pale in color and cloudy as they are unfiltered. Lactobacillus culture is used before the boil to naturally produce lactic acid, the same bacteria used when making sourdough bread.


The Berliner Weisse is a regional wheat beer from Northern Germany, dating back to at least the 16th century. By the late 19th century, Berliner Weisse was the most popular alcoholic drink in Berlin, with up to fifty breweries producing it. By the late 20th century, there were only two breweries left in Berlin producing the beer. Now exploding in popularity in the west, sour beers are attracting customers of large magnitude and further propelling the craft beer renaissance.

Key Ingredients: Wheat malt, Lactobacillus Culture and
Czech Saaz Hops.

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